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I had the privilege of growing up in a good home where my parents loved and provided for me. My Dad loved to play golf and loved Florida State football. I have memories of riding in the golf cart with him as a young boy as well as going to FSU football games several times a year in Tallahassee. This helped influence my love for sports as a young child. That seed grew into a strong desire to be involved in sports for as long as I was able.

I began college at the University of Central Florida where I attended the football walk-on tryouts. I made the team and was redshirted for the first year. During the spring of the same year, I tore ligaments in my ankle that essentially ended my hopes and dreams of continuing to play football.

I got a job at the Marriott Food Services on Campus. On my first day, I was assigned to a project with a co-worker. His actions, demeanor and speech were different which made a profound impact upon me. He introduced me to one of his friends who displayed many of the same attributes. These two young men were believers and God was using them to help open my eyes and heart to the Gospel. We built a solid friendship and eventually I attended church with them. It was there that I heard a clear presentation of the Gospel for the first time. For many months of hearing the preaching and teaching of the Bible, I came to faith in Christ at 20 years old.

The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful wife and family. I love to spend time with our kids and make memories as a family. We are passionate about food, sports and especially Florida State football!

I am thankful for the desire that the Lord has placed on our hearts to serve Him with our lives.


I had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home. My parents moved our little family to Madrid, Spain to serve as missionaries when I was only 3 years old. Thanks to my parent’s godly influence and instruction in God’s Word from a young age, I came to know Christ as my personal Savior at age 5.

Having parents in full-time service has always been a very positive thing for me. They humbly lived what they taught and instilled in my and my siblings a love for God and His Word. I am very grateful for the opportunities that I experienced while growing up on the mission field. As I grew in Christ, I had a first hand look at the need around the world.

I have always loved music and it has been a big part of ministry that the Lord has allowed me to be involved with. Opportunities like playing the piano, working with children and teen choirs, teaching music and preparing specials have been some of the ways that I’ve been involved with music ministry.

I am a creative at heart and am always in the middle of or planning my next project. Whether it be helping to organize something at church or decorating something at home.

As a young person my desire was always to serve the Lord with my life and over the years I’ve been so humbled and grateful for the opportunities that God has given me to do so. It truly is an honor and a joy to serve Christ.

The Family

The Lord has blessed us with three wonderful kids. We love making memories and spending time with them.

Aaron is a Junior in High school and loves to play sports. Football and basketball are two of his favorite sports. He also loves music and always enjoys opportunities for singing and playing in the orchestra at church. He feels like that God may be leading him to full time service and is praying for God’s will for his life. He plans to go to college after graduating in 2021.
Kaira is 8 going on 18. She loves meeting new people and is the animal lover in the family. She loves dogs and horses the best. She also enjoys reading and drawing. A Florida girl, she is most excited about finally seeing snow once we move to Germany.
Jordan is 4 and is 100% boy. He loves trucks and trains and superheroes and legos. He also loves play dough and helping Mommy around the house. Mostly cleaning up the play dough and trucks and trains and legos that Mommy finds all over the house!

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