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Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is culturally and ethnically diverse, with 52% of the population having an immigrant background. This means that over half the population are non-German. Being home to over 25 different nationalities, the nations of this earth can truly be reached with the Gospel.  We are excited to have a small part in bringing God’s message of hope and salvation to these nations.  

It is the 2nd largest city, behind Berlin, when including the urban areas.
There are 2.3 million people throughout the city and urban areas.
52% of the population have an immigrant background. This means that less than half of the population are German!
Believers in Christ number less than one percent in Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt is very much a multicultural city.
This allows Christ’s church to reach a multitude of nations in one city.

52% of the Population
are immigrants


Percent Non-German


Different Nationalities




< 1% Believers in Christ

Serving in Europe

It is hard to believe that once upon a time the Gospel was prevalent in many parts of Europe.  As many know, England was home to what some would call the First Great Awakening.  Preceding this was German Professor Martin Luther’s “95 Theses" which contended two central beliefs; that the Bible is the central authority for faith and practice and that salvation is only by faith in Christ alone and not by deeds or good works.  This message spread across Germany and essentially ushered in a new era for all of Europe.

Today, Christianity in Europe is unrecognizable compared to these times.  Secularism and Atheism is running rampant all throughout the continent.  One study suggests that the number of those who claimed to be Atheists grew over 10,000% from the 19th century to the 21st century.  The need for Gospel preaching, Gospel centered churches has never been greater. 

Religion in Europe

Although the Gospel has been prevalent in Europe for centuries, many believe that a large part of Europe remains unconverted.  However, some believe that the younger generation is especially open to the Gospel and searching for real answers.  

All Nations

The recent flood of refugees is the most massive migration of people in Europe since World War II. Many have come to Christ, and their response is affecting the church. Churches and missionaries are seeing a great opportunity for reaching the nations.   

The Hope

The hope is still in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   Some countries in Europe are seeing an increase in Missionaries who are going to the field.   With laborers and more nations coming in, Christ’s church is moving forward and His name is being glorified.   

Pray for Laborers

It is essential that we as God’s children pray for our missionaries and churches that are in Europe.  There are many solid Gospel preaching churches doing a great work in Europe today. Continue to pray that God would use them to reach the nations.   

After working closely with Jeff and Deanna for over 20 years I can confidently give them both my wholehearted recommendation as church planting missionaries. I have seen their consistent character and contagious love for the Lord up close on the field in Madrid, Spain.

While in Spain, Jeff initiated and led a team to plant a church in the New Testament pattern, in a modern, urban setting. He created new and effective forms of evangelism through which thousands heard the glorious Gospel of Christ and some responded in faith. He faithfully discipled these new believers in the Word who are now teaching and preaching every week. Deanna tirelessly discipled ladies, worked with children, and led the music ministry.

You can see why I believe that Jeff and Deanna will fill a unique and effective role on our church planting team as evangelists, disciple makers, and trainers for other church planters in Europe and the region.

Aaron Bashore

Missionary and Church Planter

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