Our Sending Church

We are so blessed to be sent out as missionaries from Beacon Baptist Church of Jupiter, FL.  Beacon is where I came to faith in Christ, was baptized, grew in the Lord and have spent the last 8 years on staff as the Administrative Pastor under Pastor Jim Blalock.  Beacon is truly our “home church."  It is a church that strives to exalt Christ in all that it does and to fulfill the great commission next door and around the world.

Contact Information:
11616 Indiantown Rd.
Jupiter, FL 33478
Phone: 561.746.5096
Email: info@beaconbaptistchurch.org
Website: www.beaconbaptistchurch.org

Pastor Jim Blalock

It is with great confidence that I submit this letter of recommendation for Jeffrey Andrews for missionary support in your ministry. I offer my complete endorsement for consideration by your Church. I have observed Jeff and his family grow into seasoned servants of Christ over the past 19 years. He has great experience serving abroad on the mission field and has been employed at Beacon for over 8 years. He and his family have always made a powerful impact upon our people. I have experienced his dedication and devotion to our Lord firsthand. He has a tireless work ethic, and his positive and loving attitude is apparent to everyone around him.

Jeff and his family have proven to be honorable, steadfast, and obedient in all that God has called them to do. He is a strong leader, a good listener, and has been a devoted husband and father to his family. His love for God’s Word is equally noticeable and his gift for preaching is self-evident. His wife is blessed with a wonderful spirit of joy and wisdom.

Any church would be greatly blessed to partner with Jeff in their ministry. I sincerely hope you discover Jeff to be the great minister and friend I have come to know. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write or call.

Beacon Baptist Church

Beacon has never aspired to be anything other than what Jesus called a church. Our greatest desire is to glorify God by leading people to Christ.

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